Avalon Marshes Family Group Plant 600 Trees on Shapwick Moor

Members of the Avalon Marshes Youth group gathered recently on a cold and windy morning for 3 hours of intensive hedge planting.

After some initial instructions, the children, aged between 4 and 10 yrs old, quickly set about the task of planting over 600 trees along the trackside.

They quickly made short work of the task and by 1pm a new hedge was in place will all the young trees having supporting stakes and rabbit guards around them. The trees were kindly donated by the Woodland Trust and will grow up into a strong hedge that will shelter the recently excavated scrapes on the reserve from disturbance from the public footpath.

One of the children posing with spade in a free moment from planting. The newly opened Barbara Handley Hide can be seen in the distance

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