A Great Summer of Events Enjoyed by East Midlands Group

Way back in May, an enthusiastic audience welcomed guest speaker John Mease and his golden eagle Erlan. John gave a highly entertaining talk, telling us about his daily life with this magnificent bird of prey and the hard work which went in to building the amazing rapport he has with his charge. There were numerous amusing anecdotes along the way and from the level of applause at the end of the night, it was apparent that everyone had enjoyed themselves.

We were lucky with the weather at the beginning of June when holding an Activity Day at Home Farm, Laxton; a wonderful venue owned by one of the Group’s committee members.

Activities included farm walks, owl pellet dissection, moth trapping, pond dipping, displays on honey bees and bats, face painting, a raffle, colouring for the kids and much more. There was also the chance to meet a barn owl and see scale models of nest boxes for birds of prey. Luckily drinks and cakes were on sale for those exhausted from all the activities!

At the end of July, the East Midlands Group paid a visit to The Raptor Foundation charity. It’s mainly know for providing 24 hour care to sick and injured birds of prey with the aim of returning rehabilitated birds to the wild. Those that can’t be released are given a permanent home at the Foundation. However, it also shares knowledge on medical treatment of raptors and researches environmental and conservation issues that affect birds of prey.

As well as a tour of the grounds, members of our group were treated to a flying display by a variety of owls, hawks and falcons and even a bald eagle! Also, the audience were encouraged to experience the thrill of flying some of the birds themselves, such as harris hawks and barn owls. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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