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February 2017 Update – Hawk & Owl Trust

The Hawk and Owl Trust abhors the illegal persecution of Hen Harriers and all raptors.  We are working hard with the relevant stakeholders to put in place a workable solution that ensures that the killing of Hen Harriers is ended.

The Hawk and Owl Trust is the conservation charity that is using its own funds to place satellite tags on Hen Harriers.  The Trust will continue to privately fund this important research.

Our policy, when issuing public statements, is to avoid speculation and to base our information on the actual facts at the time,  and on the information available .  This we will continue to do and to uphold.

In relation to the sad death of Rowan, a Hen Harrier which was fitted with a Hawk and Owl Trust satellite tag, the initial post mortem results were not wholly conclusive and further metallurgical tests were required.  Our approach was therefore completely consistent with this policy.