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Vet Examination Confirms Norwich Peregrine Death a Collision Accident

Aerial acrobats as parent bird teaches the youngster hunting skills at Norwich Cathedral nest box

Aerial acrobats as parent bird teaches the youngster hunting skills at Norwich Cathedral nest box

Grove Veterinary Practise in Fakenham, having examined the body of YT, the fourth and final peregrine chick to fledge from the nest box at Norwich Cathedral and who was found dead in the Cathedral grounds.

Grove have reported that there is a crack in one of the neck bones of the bird. This suggests, as happens with many young peregrines during the early days after leaving the nest, that YT has suffered a collision with an object.

These birds travel at high speed during flight and as inexperienced youngsters, there is just not room for mistakes while they are learning to fly. The average survival rate for a brood is two so unfortunately fatalities are a natural occurrence and to be expected.

Here is a lovely clip of YT a couple of days previously playing with the unringed sibling:

The good news is that the surviving three chicks are very active and their hunting and flying training with the parents birds is proving quite spectacular. Now is an excellent time to visit the Cathedral to watch them.

You can also see the images of this year’s peregrine season that is part of the fantastic ‘Wonder of Birds’ Exhibition now running at Norwich Castle. The exhibition runs daily until September 14 and we highly recommend it!

Shapwick Moor becomes a Penal Colony – for a day!

On Tuesday  3rd  June,60 pupils from nearby St Benedict’s School in Glastonbury visited Shapwick Moor as part of their literacy studies.  They have been studying the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar in which pupils are made to dig holes to atone for their past poor behaviour.  The accompanying school staff took on the  role asContinue Reading

Promising Signs As Our Teams Start Checking Nest Boxes

Our various project teams have been out and working their way round our nest box projects checking the nesting results and ringing the chicks.  Our South West Barn Owl Project and the Kestrel Highways Projects are reporting good results so far.

The ‘Bath One’ is Ringed and Unhatched Eggs Taken For Analysis

The only peregrine chick to hatch at St John’s church in Bath this year was ringed on 29 May, and from the bio measurements recorded it is believed that it is a female. She now carries a BTO ring on her right leg and a blue ring from Ed Drewitt’s ringing and monitoring programme, callContinue Reading