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First Peregrine Chick of 2014 Hatches on St John’s Church Bath

A full 40 days after the first egg of 2014 was laid at the St John’s nest
box, the first hatch at around 14:00 on 9 May was spotted on the iCatcher
system. Here the you tube clip shows the falcon delicately picking her way between the
chick and the eggs:

The incubation period for peregrine eggs is reported variously at between 33
and 35 days, but in a recent discussion, Jemima Parry-Jones of the
International Centre for Birds of Prey advised that from her experience 33
days should be taken as the norm. At this stage we have no idea which of
the eggs hatched first, but it isn’t impossible that this is one of the
later eggs and the early ones have failed. Only time will tell.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Peregrine Chicks have Hatched at Norwich Cathedral Nestbox

Norwich Peregrines hatch forth and final chick for 2014 at Hawk and Owl Trust Urban Peregrine nest platform at Cathedral The forth and final egg hatched on Tuesday 29 April at about 11am when the female bird was seen nibbling large pieces of eggshell. However, it took several hours before a visual confirmation of the… Continue Reading

Peregrine Chicks Due to Hatch Soon at St John’s Church Bath

The peregrine pair using the Hawk and Owl Trust nest platform at St John’s Church in Bath have been carefully brooding their eggs for the last few weeks. We are now getting to the time for the chicks to hatch and are predicting the first egg to hatch somewhere between 4 – 9 May. Here… Continue Reading