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World expert on birds of prey comes to Norfolk

Jemima display and talk

BBC Visit Bath Peregrine Project

BBC news programme ‘Points South West’ dropped by St John’s Church in Bath on Monday to speak to Hawk and Owl Trustee Mike Rogers and Peregrine Project team member Hamish Smith. The peregrine pair that have taken up residence in the nesting platform provided by the Hawk and Owl Trust have continued their successful runContinue Reading

Two healthy chicks for Bath Peregrines

Female just fed the two chicks; big juicy breast section. She then left the box with the remnants to cache. Male followed her begging but gave up the chase and returned to the church. I haven’t seen him bring any food in, and as she seems happy to leave the chicks unattended for 15 minsContinue Reading

Fourth Peregrine Chick Hatches at Norwich Cathedral Nest Platform

The 4th peregrine falcon egg at Norwich Cathedral has hatched! The peregrine falcons using the Norwich Cathedral nesting platform, installed by wild bird of prey conservation charity the Hawk and Owl Trust, have hatched their fourth and final egg of 2013! At 20:26 last night, 27 hours after the hatching of the third egg, theContinue Reading

Building Nests in Case of Flying Visitors!

Children at St Cuthbert’s Junior School were busy preparing for the nesting season with the help of Roger Moses from the Hawk and Owl Trust. He showed the pupils photos of various bird species they could see on the Somerset Levels where the Hawk and Owl Trust have a reserve. Roger also explained how toContinue Reading