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Safe Parking at Shapwick Moor!

Temporary measures at Shapwick Reserve Car Park | Photo - Barry Gray
Temporary measures at Shapwick Reserve Car Park | Photo – Barry Gray

The good news is we now have full planning approval from the District Council for our new car park. The not so good news is, as the winter has been too wet for construction, and we’ll soon be in the bird nesting season, it’s unlikely the car park will be completed until September.

As anyone who visits us here at our Shapwick Moor Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels knows only too well, the current parking area is treacherous at best for cars, and with wet winter weather conditions, downright impossible (or should that be impassable!)

Shapwick Moor Information LeafletThe less muddy alternative is to park off-site along the roadside; far from ideal and a bit risky. As a stop gap to provide modest car parking (max 6 cars), particularly for the volunteers, and to tide us over the next 6 months until construction of the new facility, it was decided we should level the entrance and stone up the first part of the farm drove.

I arranged with a local contractor to complete the work, which also has the effect of reducing the amount we need to do when the new car park is constructed. The result, which can be clearly seen in Barry Gray’s photo, is something of an improvement!

Phil Holms
Trustee | Hawk and Owl Trust
Shapwick Moor Nature Reserve 7 February 2013