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Meet Grant and Bobber

Norwich Peregrine Chicks are Named

Norwich Peregrine Grant
Grant practising his landing skills on the cathedral | Photo © Richard Saxton

Norwich’s celebrity peregrine falcon chicks, which flew for the first time this week, have been named.

The names were announced on Radio Norfolk, following hundreds of suggestions submitted by the public; the female is called Bobber and the male Grant.

A third chick, which failed to survive, was also named, Valiant, in response to demand from viewers online who watched on a live webcam the youngster’s struggles to develop.

The juveniles are the first to hatch and fledge from the nesting platform installed by the Hawk and Owl Trust on the spire of Norwich Cathedral in 2011.

They are now flying vigorously around the cathedral, still being fed by the adult pair, and can often be observed from the Trust’s watchpoint in the cathedral close, open daily from 10 till 5.

Soon their parents will start teaching them how to hunt. It is likely the youngsters will stay with the adults around the cathedral until the winter and maybe even into next year.

The webcam on the peregrine platform will continue till the end of June.

The watch point at the Cathedral will continue to run until Sunday 24 June. Visitors are then welcome to visit the Fusion screen at Norwich Forum to see footage from this year’s peregrine breeding season from Monday 25 June through to Saturday 30 June. There will also be a lunchtime talk about the Cathedral Peregrines project at 12.30 on Thursday 28 June and activities for children at the Forum on Saturday 30 June.

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