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Iron Age Roundhouse Excavated

Ancient dwelling gives up its secrets

Iron Age Round House
Scene of the Iron Age Round House

An Iron Age roundhouse was excavated on Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire, this summer.

The hearth is the low stone structure in the foreground of the photo.

The gulley behind was caused by rain water running off the roundhouse roof.

Archaeologists also investigated a Bronze Age burial cairn and a mystery structure similar to two found last year. The annual dig, directed by Blaise Vyner, began after an accidental fire at Stoupe Brow in 2003 uncovered hidden archaeology.

Conserving the moor’s archaeological treasures, along with its wildlife, is a guiding principle of the Trust’s management of Fylingdales Moor on behalf of its owner, the Strickland Estate, and FESSCo which administers the Higher Level Stewardship-funded work.

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