Monthly Archives: May 2011

Bath Peregrine Nestlings Ringed

Coded colour rings for identifying individuals at a distance

The three young peregrines at St John’s Church, Bath, were ringed on Saturday 14th May by BTO licensed ringers Ed Drewitt and Denise Wawman.

In addition to the metal BTO ring secured to the left leg the chicks were fitted with a blue plastic identification ring on the right leg. The blue rings are marked, CT, CX (males) and CV (female) and are designed to be read through a telescope when the bird is perched.

The adult male also has a blue leg ring, marked AA. He was ringed previously after hatching at St John’s and returned to mate with his mother in 2010.

After the ringing was complete Ed had a good look around the base of the church tower and found the remains of a bar-tailed godwit – a wader not normally to be found in the Bath area. The peregrines had taken the bird while it was on migration.