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Peregrine Rescue in Bath

Trust Restores Stray Nestling to Parents

Hawk and Owl Trust treasurer Mike Rogers had to bail this young peregrine from police custody after it glided down down from its nest in central Bath and was too young to fly back.

Kindly constables rescued it from the police station car park below its nest high on the steeple of St John’s Catholic Church in South Parade, Bath, and called Mike.

He popped it in his backpack and returned it to its parents nesting on the church tower.

“It was just a bit too young to fly, but big enough to leave the nest and move around the stonework,” Mike said.

“It obviously just fell off and fluttered down. But it wouldn’t have been able to fly back up, so thanks to the police we’re able to return it.”

The Bath peregrines have been an aerial attraction for several years. The Hawk and Owl Trust put up a nest box five years ago and the birds have bred successfully ever since.

This year there were four chicks, and this one or one of its siblings found itself earth bound a few days later and needed rescuing by the Trust. For photos by members of a the public of the subsequent escapade see this page on Flickr

Harriers Nest for 2010 Season

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Young Eels Join Reserve

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