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The Hawk and Owl Trust is a National UK Charity founded in 1969. It is dedicated to conserving owls and birds of prey in the wild – and increasing knowledge and understanding of them.

We create and manage nesting, roosting and feeding habitats; carry out practical research; and welcome visitors to our wildlife reserves, education centres and outreach projects.

By working with partners to conserve the places owls and other wild birds of prey nest and feed, we also support many associated species – from field voles to skylarks, dragonflies to grass snakes – in a whole variety of habitats.

Our Four Key Areas are Conservation, Education, Research and running our Nature Reserves

The Hawk and Owl Trust works for the conservation of wild birds of prey and their habitats – both in its growing number of nature reserves and in partnership with others. Click The Photo to learn more about our Conservation Programmes
The Trust operates a number of reserves including Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve, Fylingdales Moor Conservation Area on the North York Moors & Shapwick Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels. Click The Photo to learn more about our reserves.
Research is essential to scientific conservation. The Trust undertakes research on its own through staff, volunteers, students and contractors as well as partner organisations working on Trust Reserves. Find out more about our vital work | Click Click Photo
One of the Hawk and Owl Trust’s key tasks is to increase knowledge and understanding of the magnificent birds of prey and the impact humans have on the environment we share with them. ClickPhoto to learn more about our native birds of prey

Hawk and Owl Trust Wing Tagged Marsh Harrier Project

From Mustard TV, Norwich. Wildlife follower and Journalist Nick Acheson visited the Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve recently tracking Ringer Phil Littler at work as part of our Wing Tagged Marsh Harrier Project.